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The Light Fantastic


A World Premiere by Ike Holter

Directed by Gus Menary

In an unremarkable town on an uneventful evening, something truly terrible occurs, and a small family is thrust into a tit-for-tat game of survival against forces that are far from human. The writer and director of Jackalope's smash hit Exit Strategy and the Roustabouts' summer blockbuster Put Your House in Order team up again for a world-premiere play that is equal parts drama and comedy, and brings old school horror into the now and new. 

Jackalope Theatre Company, running May 9th-June 16th, 2018. For tickets, click here


"Grace, played by the great Paloma Nozicka..."  -TimeOut Chicago

"Nozicka delivers the character of Grace with an alluring form and perfect comedic timing...Nozicka's performance makes the audience want to know her." -Rescripted

"Paloma Nozicka is phenomenal as Grace, capturing the uglier part of her nature, her genuine commitment to a newfound goodness, and her fierce determination to end the cycle of evil once and for all with equal skill..." -Splash Magazine

"Paloma Nozicka does not spare herself...It's not a vain performance at all. She is perfectly prepared to be out there and really unpleasant, and 'the bad guy', as well at the heroine, which is really interesting..." -The Dueling Critics, 90.9FM

"Paloma Nozicka, finding the humanity in a Queen Bee who wants to be better..." -Chicago Sun Times

"Paloma Nozicka makes it easy to believe in both Grace's former rebelliousness and her current exhaustion..." -Chicago Reader


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The Harvest


By Samuel D. Hunter

Directed by Jonathan Berry

In the basement of a small evangelical church in southeastern Idaho, a group of young missionaries is preparing to go to the Middle East. When one of the missionaries – a young man – has a crisis of faith on his spiritual journey, it reminds us that faith doesn’t come easily, no matter where you look for it.

Griffin Theatre Company, running July 21-August 26, 2018.